Wirral Naturist Club Founded 1976Wirral Naturist Club Founded 1976


The Wirral Naturist Club welcomes visits and applications for membership from all genuine Naturists. Our Club consists mainly of couples and families with singles making up the membership.
To arrange a visit please complete the questions below. After consideration an invitation will be issued which will be sent to your home address.
This form should be brought with you on your first 3 visits.
We like to view your current British Naturism membership card (if applicable) or a photo proof of identity (passport or driving licence for one person only).

I / We would like to arrange to visit the Wirral Naturist Club at the Northgate Arena, Chester on Saturday evenings

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Please DON’T TURN UP "ON SPEC" –you will be disappointed.
We do not allow admittance without an invitation form, which will be posted to you.