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What is naturism?

Naturism, often called nudism, has as many definitions as there are naturists. The International Naturist Federation, which represents millions of naturists around the world, including all members of British Naturism, describes it as:
"A way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment."

See the Frequently Asked Questions that most naturists and non-naturists are likely to ask.

If you'd like more information about naturism please visit the British Naturism website, with whose kind permission much of this page has been reproduced.
Alternatively, the Naturist UK Fact File is a useful source of information.

Clothes free -
the natural way to unwind


Thanks to British Naturism for allowing us to reproduce the information on this page.

Clothes Free -
the natural way to unwind

Who are naturists?

Anyone can be a naturist. Your background,age, shape and colour are irrelevant when it comes to enjoying the freedom of naturism, which is why it attracts people from all walks of life. Naturists practise social nudity, aimed at encouraging self respect, respect for others and the environment. We only enjoy clothes-free activities in the right environment, among like-minded naturists, when it is warm enough.
Where do naturists go?
In the past 30 years, social nudity has become ever more acceptable. Naturists in the UK have a growing number of facilities which cater for nude recreation. And although nudist bathing is commonly acknowledged as part of the British seaside, there are plenty of other inland venues where you can enjoy naturism all year round.
There are now more than 100 public swimming pools where time is set aside for naturist use, and in some places complete leisure centres are hired by naturists. There are also more than 100 naturist clubs, usually called sun clubs, which often have their own swimming pool, sauna and other recreational facilities for members.
There is a growing number of naturist holiday centres, where you can camp or rent a
chalet. And possibly the most popular choice for naturist leisure is on holiday: millions of
Europeans - including hundreds of thousands of British people - visit naturist resorts,
beaches and inland sites every summer.